Combining mental illness and physical health for the well-being of the patient

The benefits of physical activity on the overall mental health are well established. That is why, last year the
Douglas recruited five teams to participate in the Défi Douglas. The teams were composed of employees,
clients and family members.
It is Sherezad Abadi, founder of Fit Mind and Body Initiative and Douglas employee, who had the
responsibility to prepare these teams for the big day. She took the lead in providing two weekly outdoor
training sessions for the teams focusing on: strength, endurance, agility, core training and more! The group
training sessions took place on the grounds of the Douglas Institute.
For patients of the Douglas, it was not only a good opportunity to be encouraged to exercise, feel the
benefits of exercising, and be part of a team, but also to escape temporarily from the stigma by changing
their status of an ill person to a runner like any other individual.
The participants successfully took up the challenge with great pride! We look forward to the possibility
of doing this again this year and hopefully involving even more clients.