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$101,300 for the Défi Douglas Groupe Copley 2018 !
Thank you to all our partners, participants and volunteers!
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The participants of this sporting event can choose among the triathlon or the duathlon, and decide to take on the challenge alone or in a team.The Défi Douglas is organized by the Douglas Foundation in collaboration with the Triathlon de Verdun-Desjardins to raise funds in support of the Douglas mental health university Institute, which includes the most important research centre in mental health in Quebec and second in Canada.

Since the beginning of the adventure in 2015, the Groupe Copley, a company specialized in luxury home rentals, is providing us with an outstanding support, and is generously donating an amount of $100,000 over a five-year period for the event.  We hope that other organizations will join the Groupe Copley to support the Institute as the needs are great. In recognition of their exceptionnal commitment, the Défi Douglas was renamed Défi Douglas Groupe Copley.

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Combining mental illness and physical health for the well-being of the patient

The benefits of physical activity on the overall mental health are well established. That is why, as part of Douglas Minds the Body (an initative of Dr. Ridha Joober, psychiatrist at the Douglas, which promotes healthy lifestyle among patients), the Institute recruites internal teams to participate in the Défi Douglas. These teams, composed of patients, families and staff benefit from a special training program taking place on the Douglas’s grounds to be fully prepared for D-day.

This sporting event is open to nearly all. Participants can choose among the triathlon or the duathlon and decide to take on the challenge alone or in a team. They are also encouraged to raise $500 for the cause to help us fight mental illness.

The Défi takes place behind the Verdun Natatorium located at 6,500 Lasalle Boulevard, in Verdun. Participants will have the opportunity to join some 1,200 Triathlon de Verdun-Desjardins athletes, and choose from one of the following:


Conference: Deconstructing anxiety, 1 strategy at a time

Monday, June 11, 2018 Valentina Munoz, doctor in psychology, will talk to us about stress and anxiety. You will learn, among other things, what stress is and how to make the difference between functional and dysfunctional anxiety. Dr. Munoz will also share her strategies for overcoming [...]

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Tips to take on the challenge

Even if Défi Douglas is a very accessible triathlon, it is also a good opportunity to get back into shape. We also organize some training sessions directly on the event site, stay tuned for upcoming dates!

Be ready for D-day with Don White’s training tips from CoreXcellence, presented by CJAD-800 Montreal’s host: Andrew Carter.


Stay tuned to benefit from the new training plan!

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About us.

Le Défi Douglas est le résultat d’un travail d’équipe ! La Fondation Douglas est fière de pouvoir compter sur un comité organisateur entièrement dévoué à sa cause .

—- Honorary Co-Chairs —-

Andrew Carter                Terry DiMonte

—- Committee members —-

Joanne Rossy

Mallar Chakravarty  –    Martine Desjardins     –    Susan Handrigan   –     Pauline Lu     –    Frank Merhar   –      Sylvie Méthot   –   Manon Picard     –    Michael Thaw    –    Jean-Philippe Verreau     –     Don White     –    Suzanne Bélanger


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